‘Sorting my life out.’


You hear this saying often from people who are having mild stress or issues with relationships or money; “I need to sort my life out.” I have said this many times and felt that I had been undertaking the correct steps in which to actually do it for real. Just lately, though, I have entered a bit of a downward spiral and thought if I write about it, it will show people that it is absolutely fine to have a lapse.

The past couple of weeks have been difficult for me and I anticipate that it won’t get easier as I break up for work and endure the long 6 weeks holiday approaching. I find it difficult to motivate myself when I am not at work and judging on how I have been feeling lately, these summer holidays will be harder than ever.

Sadly, I have let myself down massively and I haven’t been helping myself in changing the way that I feel. My diet has become very unhealthy as I have really discovered what it’s like to comfort eat; I don’t want healthy dishes with green salads and no carbs. I want big, fat, greasy takeaways and burgers from the pub. Not only has my diet become poor but I have been drinking a lot more alcohol than I should be, easily drinking a bottle of wine in one evening. Some days I am waiting for an appropriate time to get my wine glass out and pop the cork… and that is not what I want my life to become.

So today I am posting this blog as a sort of slap on the backside to myself. I need to make sure that I help myself as much as possible if I ever want to feel better. I have put the corkscrew into hibernation for a while (I’m not going to go cold turkey; we all enjoy a tipple with our a friends and that’s okay!) and I’m getting back on it with better eating. I have been slacking a little at the gym, too, so straight after I have shared this post I’m popping on my uniform of Nike and heading to the gym for a workout.

It’s okay to slip sometimes. We are all human and sometimes life is too much of a struggle to be on it all of the time. However, today is the day I am sorting my life out for real.


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