How to find joy in little things.



The journey to a happy and comfortable state of mind may be within touching distance or miles away through a long, dark tunnel. We all have our own personal battles, whether that be mild anxiety, low self-esteem, OCD, grief or chronic depression. That being said, it’s important to know that it will not all be okay with a click of the fingers; it takes time and perseverance. Not only this but it may be easier some days than on other days.

For me, I suffer with low confidence and anxiety regarding how I look and how people perceive me. I sunk into a dark depression last year, and ever since, have been doing what I can to try and bring myself back up from the ‘darkness.’ That has included CBT therapy, positive thinking and mindfulness activities. I am no longer in a depressed state of mind, however my self-esteem is still low and my anxiety can still get pretty high leading up to events.

To help bring myself back up, I have chosen to start making a list of little things that bring joy to my life; even if they’re small things that bring only seconds of happiness. We focus so heavily on what is weighing us down and we forget to stop for a second and just reflect on some of the good things that we have. Here are mine. Perhaps some of the things on my list make you happy too, or maybe they’re things you’d like to try. You may completely disregard my list and think it’s a load of nonsense, and that’s okay; everyone is different.

Things that bring me joy.

  • Walks in the park with my dogs Frank and Bella.
  • The sun beaming through my bedroom window when I wake up.
  • A hot cup of tea after a cold day.
  • The first sip of a glass of prosecco with my best friend.
  • Cooking a lovely meal for family.
  • Sunday afternoons spent with my partner’s family.
  • Cuddling up in my bed after a day at work.
  • The smell of fresh lilies in my house (lilies are my favourite flower).
  • The taste of Lindt salted caramel chocolate (mmmmm!).
  • Going on holiday somewhere in the sun or visiting somewhere new.
  • Enjoying a lesson in learning to ride horses and feeling proud of my progress.
  • Buying birthday presents for my close friends and family.
  • Appreciating my efforts with my home, e.g. planting flowers in the garden or putting up some new frames.
  • The sound of the ocean rolling in at the end of a nice day at the beach.


I may come back and edit my list as I think of more things that bring me joy. You can see some things are quite big things whilst others are just small, momentary things that make me smile. Take some time to write a list of some things. You may surprise yourself how many there actually are.


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