Happy images.


Here are some images that make me happy. They are photos I simply took on my own phone. Some of the images have personal significance and some are just places I made wonderful memories that I like to reflect on when I am feeling low. I hope you can enjoy the images as I do. Perhaps you have some places that you love, or feel safe in, or some memories that you look back on fondly. Go out and find somewhere, if you don’t.

(From top, left to right: 1. My first riding lesson on a horse called Buddy, when I was 18 years old. 2. Having fun in the park with my best friend. 3. Whitby’s bell, the place we scattered my granddad’s ashes in 2015. 4. Whitby, focus on Whitby Abbey.  5. Robin Hood’s Bay. 6. Scarborough seafront, a place I holidayed every year with my family. 7. Novalja sunset, Croatia. 8. Leaving Croatia, observing the small island and all the lives down there. 9. Me, looking out across Palma Nova’s seafront in Mallorca.)


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